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Virtual reality methods in bioinformatics
The aim of this speciality is to provide required knowledge about modern tools used in creating multimedia using virtual and augmented reality and about solutions used to integrate virtual reality with existing IT systems for the needs of broadly defined bioinformatics.

Biological data analysis and processing
This speciality enables students to acquire knowledge and skills that can be used in various projects relating to data processing and interpretation in the area of bioinformatics. The speciality makes it possible to obtain competences in the up-to-date and rapidly developing field at the juncture of biology and information technology. Graduates of this speciality will be prepared to work both at research institutions and at information technology and biotechnology undertakings.

Informatics in medicine
This speciality arose as a result of the growing demand on the labour market for experts who can apply knowledge gained from Computer Science in the fastest growing branches of medicine. The use of latest technology achievements allows creating more effective solutions to problems generated by social and civilization diseases.

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